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June 06, 2011

Weekly MLKSHK Roadmap

One of the things about having such a small team yet and trying to be as responsive as possible to users is that sometimes we have to push neat features and projects aside to take care of some important issues. This weekend and last week a couple came to light and so we’re focusing on the first half of the week on them.

First, here’s what we did last week:

  • Inline comments and commenting. No need to jump to the perma-link page.
  • Saves and likes also inline.
  • Likes are shared up to the original file uploader.
  • API updates for caching requests (work still in process)
  • And I almost finished the invitation to a shake request, not quite done.

But, here’s some things we need to work on ASAP:

  • Likes are duplicated on your favorites view due to last week’s likes modification.
  • You can’t follow your own group shakes so you miss out on contributions.
  • If you’re a paid subscriber you’re going to be able to create 10 shakes rather than 3.

Here are some things that are very nearly ready to go out the door and might get done this week:

  • Ask to join shake.
  • Saving directly to specific shakes from your friend shake.
  • Yearly subscriptions.

Stuff still on the list for later:

  • Rotate image and auto-rotate if there is orientation data.
  • Emailing iPhone, Android, and other Twitter developers to put MLKSHK uploading and viewing in their app.
  • Release the API. Announce more API related stuff.
  • Move friends to the front page, removing the dashboard view.
  • NSFW flag
  • Popular, interesting, and trending files.
  • Ability to close shake down that you’ve created.

Yesterday (Sunday) was our 3rd highest traffic day yet; behind our launch and day after launch. I feel like this week is when the real traffic is going to hit us and so we’re excited to welcome new visitors. Please tell your friends about us and share your files!


good stuff!

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