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September 26, 2011

DNS Provider Outage (We’re back!)

Our DNS provider has gone offline. We can‘t even reach their admin console.

You can hit MLKSHK with this IP address:

We‘re very sorry for this. I don‘t have an ETA yet but will keep you updated.

All systems are back to normal. I updated Twitter and my personal Twitter account but forgot to swing back here. We’d love to hear of your beloved DNS providers in the comments if you have the chance. Going to do some research this week…


If you want to switch DNS providers quickly, I can't recommend @easydns more highly -- but you could also go to Amazon Route 53 and keep it in the AWS family. The 24h TTL on your mlkshk.com DNS entries is gonna slay you, though...

I've never had a glitch with http://dyn.com/dns/ but my requirements haven't been as heavy-duty as yours.

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