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September 29, 2011

State of the Shake

Hey! Another one. Let’s see:

  1. DNS outage this week: bad. New DNS server coming: good! That was unpleasant, but it was partly our service’s mistake, partly my own dumb mistake for setting the TTLs (time to live) so low. You can think of TTLs as a note to your browser* when it should update where to find our IP address. Normally you use a cached version and ask for an update every so often. We were doing some DNS work and I set it to such a short time that the second our service had a hiccup, nobody could find the site. On the plus side, with such low TTLs we were back quickly.

  2. Spam is still an issue. I thought I had them licked but they keep figuring things out. Onward!

  3. What is next: we have many things planned but are always interested in hearing what you have to say. Please let us know what’s important to you and what isn’t working.

We‘re adding people at the fastest rate since our launch. That means you guys are telling friends about us and sharing images on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you so much for that. We love you guys.

* I know. Easier to explain this way.


My top two requests: image search and the ability to like comments. Still, awesome all around, A+, would shake again, etc.

Hi Andre + Matt,

I've dealt programatically with plenty of spam and spammers, and there are some tricks beyond hashes and honeypots ( read here: http://nedbatchelder.com/text/stopbots.html ) that could help y'all out. If you're interested, email me.


the only suggestion/thing i'd like is when an item is posted to specific shake, it's hard to tell who posted it from the main page, maybe seeing someone's icon like how retweets work in some clients would be one way - http://cl.ly/0Z3D1l0j0h0y1h151W1o just dont know if something is already part of a shake, or if its from one shake, who posted it without clicking through.

still love it, thanks!

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