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October 24, 2011

Early Morning Outage

…And How You Can Help

We had some downtime this morning after a maintenance process got out of hand and choked the database server. Because of this the front-end servers couldn’t serve content and backed up a lot of processes.

I was able to get the site back to normal very quickly, but there exists a lingering problem I haven’t been able to track down. Likes are intermittently not registering. If you could be on the lookout for a bug where liking a file doesn’t save the like on the image’s page that would really help us. If you see it happen, could you mail us* the page where the error occurred?

We’ve done a few things to help prevent this issue in the future, but I’m afraid the next step is ordering a bigger machine to handle the data. Hopefully recent changes to our architecture will save us enough money to spend on upgrading our DB.

*email address is at the bottom of every page on the site


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