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December 13, 2011

Yesterday’s Outage

So I had a problem yesterday where EC2 restarted all of my servers. They all came back except one which I rely heavily on for serving pages.

Normally there would be two machines there, which is why when this sort of thing happened in the past nobody really noticed. It has been our plan to have two machines EVERYWHERE. (Everywhere except the database which was our last big outage a few months back. That was a MySQL RDS issue that, even if we had two machines I don’t know if we would have avoided that problem.)

Now when this happened in the past I would freak out and go fix it and nobody would notice. But this time it happened while I was asleep and had the vibration alerts off. (We were on vacation last week, oops.)

The reason why I did this is simple: I needed to save money. Running redundant servers is great for avoiding headaches but not so good for the MLKSHK bank account. I can start up new servers as needed, but to keep one in reserve is more than our paid subscriptions can cover.

Another thing you might have noticed and I wanted to point out: this is the first post I’ve made here where I use the word “I” instead of “we”. That is because it is just me running MLKSHK now. This is a little bit of an uncharted territory for me, because friends have said I shouldn’t point this out, that the site is fine without anyone knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, but I think that faceless “we” is what leads people to think we’re some kind of funded startup.

We aren’t. We (my wife and I) built MLKSHK with our personal savings. But now we are going back into consulting because we couldn’t make the numbers work out right to keep spending all of our time on MLKSHK.

But I also want to point out MLKSHK isn’t going anywhere. In fact we have more people visiting the site than ever before. Without that redundant server we are well under the cost to keep the rest of them online, and there are further changes I can make.

So, please, if you have a free account, consider upgrading. If you enjoy the service and want to see your friends on it, please invite them to check it out. Every day is a FREAKING JOY to visit the site for me, and I hope all of you.


I so wish I could give you a million-trillion dollars to run Mlkshk full-time! Mlkshk has been the highlight of my 2011 internet life. Thanks for such a great product.

MLKSHK has been the highlight of 2011 for me. Make those shirts like I mentioned and price them to help out with maintenance. Plus, then you'll have walking advertisements.

Also, the fact that you openly write things like this give the site such heart, all I can do is root for you.

make the numbers work out right to keep spending all of our time on MLKSHK.

moncler uk: just need more people to get paid accounts. You in?

Amazon Payments still don't work for me in AU. Lemme pay some other way, I will

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