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January 28, 2013


This weekend MLKSHK was pretty unstable. It started with a small issue of log files getting too big (since fixed) but then coincidentally we got slammed by some very popular forum hot-linking to 50 files at once AND RabbitMQ deciding to completely stop working. This meant SLOW buttons* and 500 errors due to too many files being kept open by the huge traffic spike.

Everything has been fixed at the time of this posting, but I there is a lingering problem with RabbitMQ I will have to figure out at some point. I would like to have someone work on MLKSHK more than just weekends, but we do not have enough money to pay someone for that work.

Please consider getting a paid account today. We have over 60,000 users now and a very small fraction actually pay to use the site.

*The like and save actions are queued so you don’t have to wait for them to complete. We send the request off and calculate the stuff later (measured in milliseconds). When RabbitMQ is offline we have to calculate likes in real-time and that is why the button feels so slow.


The cost of a paid account is a pittance compared to the hours of enjoyment and edification provided by MLKSHK. Join us! Joooooooinnnnn Usssssssssss!


MLKSHK is the best. I sleep better at night knowing my $2 is going to something I love.

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