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August 01, 2013

Our Inaugural Sponsors

We have TWO sponsors for the month of August, and two more for the month of September. I could not be more excited about who is sponsoring us. These are friends and people I know. There won’t be any punching monkeys around here. Nor any behavior tracking. These are users of the site that want to support us more than they already do.

First is drewtoothpaste’s banner for Super Black Lacquers. Just what I was hoping for, a small business that sees some of its customers might be MLKSHK users. Please buy some and support them back!

Next is a podcast (A PODCAST!). The Hypothetical Podcast is run by user stickwithjosh, Aimee Simone, and Carlo Simone. It describes itself as “Nerds talking about movies & stuff” which sounds just like what MLKSHK users might want to subscribe to.

Please visit our sponsors and let them know you heard about them from MLKSHK! Thank you.

There are still three slots available for September. I hope you will consider sponsoring us! Thanks!


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