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December 31, 2014


This was a weird year. We thought we were shutting down, and had made all the arrangements to do so, but then Andre got a job where they were fans of the site and it started to seem less of an urgent thing to do. Clearly the community didn’t want us to go.

So we decided to stay. We took care of some small problems that were annoying us the most. We accepted some help from our friend Brad Choate. Anything done on the site since June has been Brad—hell, this entire list was generated by Brad and a few hours in MySQL. It would never have been possible without him. Thanks, Brad!

Our list of stuff to do is still quite long. We need to shore up the spam problem. We need to make subscriptions easier to understand. We definitely need to fix that image rotation problem and do some post-processing of images to keep them from chunking up the scrolling in your browser. We feel pretty good about getting that stuff done in 2015 and a whole lot more, so keep those subscriptions current!

Thanks for sticking with us, and now on to the lists!

Top 10 Most-Liked Posts

#1 "Today is a good day :)" - 127 likes

Ah, MLKSHK is saved! Word came down in May that MLKSHK would be closing in September. Fortunately, sanity prevailed and this post captured the tweetstorm announcing that it would not, in fact, be shutting down. AWESOME.

#2 "MLKSHK" - 120 likes

Another meta post. We're glad to be around, too!

#3 "Happy 83rd Birthday Aunt Gladys" - 113 likes

Happy birthday, Aunt Gladys! This post snuck in at the last minute to grab third place for 2014!

#4 "Pilgrimage..." - 105 likes

MLKSHK is a community site, so it's going to reflect both highs and lows as an expression of its members. We're glad for both. RIP, Uncle Tom.

#5 "Soccer ball droid has no time for anyone's shit" - 98 likes

The new Star Wars trailer is out, and so it is time to par-o-day! Ugh. OK. Good one, @mathowie.

#6 "Yay" - 97 likes

Yet another celebration that MLKSHK is still up and running. From that list, we've done 2 of the 3, so not bad! (Total profile image view counts are still stuck.)

#7 "Dog Philosophy" - 95 likes


#8 "That time I saved mlkshk.png" - 94 likes

Hat tip, @dakotasmith.

#9 "I'll miss you all. Thanks mlkshk!" - 92 likes

A fantastic (but premature) MLKSHK retrospective post.

#10 "Best design nerd Halloween costume ever" - 92 likes

Top 10 Most-Commented Posts

#1 "MLKSHK Shirts!" - 107 comments

These turned out great. Thanks to everyone who bought one!

#2 "We need to do something." - 59 comments

We posted this ahead of the shutdown announcement out of frustration. Things are getting better. Thanks for the support and encouragement!

#3 your ui - 57 comments

Wherein @artwells starts striving for more.

#4 Save mlkshk! - 34 comments

Mission accomplished.

#5 Stealth for Sale - 32 comments

Shirts went on sale and there was much rejoicing.

#6 "My porn name would be Bourbon Fatty" - 32 comments

You can learn a lot from this post.

#7 "14.5 Years" - 31 comments

@amypetty lost her dog Dora. We're glad MLKSHK could help in a small way.

#8 yup.jpg - 30 comments

#9 "Pilgrimage..." - 30 comments

#10 "my furry best friend, companion and confidante... "NUNYA"... passed away today after 17 years of amazing friendship" - 30 comments

Another post about loss this year.

Top 10 Most-Saved Posts

#1 "Soccer ball droid has no time for anyone's shit" - 47 saves

Another award snagged by @mathowie.

#2 "Saved for nom nom nom later." - 43 saves

A handy guide for making a variety of homemade hummuses. See, MLKSHK can be educational, too!

#3 "Future Uses" - 36 saves

Chicken warfare.

#4 "Pasty Folding" - 35 saves

Another HOWTO post on something.

#5 "For so much future use." - 34 saves

You are all weirdos.

#6 "Twenty Five Two Line Jokes (with no attribution)" - 33 saves

#7 "C8H10N4O2" - 33 saves

Guess what the molecular formula for caffeine is?

#8 "How to store your groceries" - 33 saves

#9 "Bob's" - 32 saves

#10 "in case you were wondering" - 31 saves

Top 10 Most-Viewed Posts

#1 "let's get this party started" - 263,033 views

Muppet chef has a lot of views to be thankful for.

#2 "5 minutes" - 151,241 views

I think this must be someone's forum signature.

#3 "Into the Clouds" - 97,111 views

#4 "Moon-Knight-1-cover.jpg" - 94,972 views

#5 "fireplace" - 88,146 views

#6 "grumpy-cat-summarise.jpg" - 79,731 views

#7 "seeing spots" - 45,493 views

#8 "groovin"

#9 "Windows" - 36,872 views

#10 "2fhZ6jZ.gif" - 36,243 views

Thanks for making 2014 a great year for MLKSHK!


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