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July 09, 2015

Subscription Showdown

Hi all,

You _may_ have received an email from Amazon telling you your Simpleform, LLC (MLKSHK) subscription had been canceled. If you have not, and are an Amazon subscriber, you eventually will.

The folks at Amazon shut down the subscription service we were using because they have a new subscription service and who needs TWO subscription services? Definitely not Amazon. It’s like when you reach for a chip and you grab TWO chips. Amazon was like, “Whoa, I certainly don’t need two chips, I will look like a gluttonous multinational corporation, so I will put one back in this bowl right after I lick the salt off.”

And you may recall Tugboat was also a MLKSHK subscription provider, but they too shut down on the 1st because Facebook bought them. Facebook again. You fools. :shake_fist:

So currently you have no way of paying for your MLKSHK account.

Brad is working on a solution. It will be done soon. We will not only let you know when it is available we will bug you until you give us money. (But nicely!)

It’s all going to be great.

—Andre, Amber, Brad and a really pricey EC2 instance.


I look forward to giving you more money :)

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